Thank you to PRO-LAB for giving me great support. I will be certain to tell my experiences to anyone I hear of in the future considering testing kits for their homes.

A Morris

We can’t tell you how much “PEACE OF MIND” you guys have given us. Thank you PRO-LAB…

Chris & Jody, Colorado

I have used PRO-LAB’s radon test kit personally and professionally. I was very pleased with their service, their professionalism and timeliness.

S Muscella, Realtor


We would like to thank the fine people at PRO-LAB for their continued dedication to service and performance. Almost any Company can get a customer to use their product once, but it takes a great company like PRO-LAB to keep those customers coming back again and again as we have been. We are a full service professional Home Inspection Company that exclusively uses PRO-LAB to perform accurate Radon tests for our customers. PRO-LAB’s promptness with test results enables us to pass the same fast service over to our customers. Thank you PRO-LAB and keep up the great work!

Schweitzer Real Estate

I wish to proclaim the great value of your Radon Gas Test Kit. In July, I purchased the kit through PRO-LABl’s website and I loved my experience with the professionalism they showed. Rest assured, I would buy other PRO-LAB test kits on the positive experience I have had with your Radon Gas Test Kit

C E Scanlan

  • Madison

    I needed a quick way to test for radon due to my daycare center license. I checked online and PRO-LAB offered the fastest turnaround time. The process was super easy and they even helped me with my radon form for the state. Thanks PRO-LAB!

  • Soriyah

    the water quality test kit is a great way to keep up with whats going on with your well. the instructions take you step by step through the testing and the results are easy to read. i have a well and this kit definitely puts my mind at ease in between treatments. You have a repeat customer in me!

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