What Does One Flush Septic Energizer?

With PRO-LAB® One Flush Septic Energizer your entire septic system is totally protected by simply flushing our product into your system each month.

This is the most potent and effective bacteria available! Each pre-measured, water soluble package contains:

  • 9.7 billion beneficial bacteria
  • 8 genetically engineered strains
  • More bacteria than thousands of powders
  • More bacteria than gallons of liquids


One Flush Septic Energizer by PRO-LAB®

  • Easy To Use — once a month drop a package in the toilet and flush
  • Saves Water — goes down in just one flush
  • Saves Money — helps prevent costly digging, pumping and replacement
  • Concentrated — reduces packaging, waste and storage by over 90%
  • Bio-degrades — destroys toxic pollutants ordinary products can’t touch
  • Rejuvenates — septic tanks, leach fields, drains and cesspools
  • Calendar Reminders — included to remind you when to use
  • And One Flush contains only natural ingredients.

Simple Ways to Protect your Septic System

  • Limit your use of water: install low-flow toilets, take shorter showers, repair leaky faucets and toilets immediately

  • Do not flush the following items: baby wipes, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, condoms, diapers, grease / fats, kitty litter, or sanitary napkins

  • Do not pour down the drain: acids, bleach (in large quantity), chemicals, drain cleaners, oils, paints, pesticides, solvents

  • Limit use of garbage disposal, or don’t use it at all.  It can add excess material that takes a long time to decompose in the septic tank.