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Your one stop shop for family protection from environmental hazards that may be in your home, office, or school. There may be potential hazards to your health in your home and you may be completely unaware of them. Environmental health hazards such as asbestos, mold and mildew, radon gas, carbon monoxide, lead, and poor water quality can present very serious risks to you and the ones you love. Protect your family by accurately testing for these dangers with reliable PRO-LAB® Test Kits. Buy our PRO-LAB® Test Kits here.


Lab Fees Included. No Hidden Fees.

All Lab Fees are included in your purchase, no hidden fees!
Found a cheaper product? READ THE FINE PRINT! Lab fees may not be included and you will not get any results until you pay and additional Lab fee!

Facts about Asbestosis

Facts about Asbestosis Asbestosis, like mesothelioma, is a disease that could be avoided if it was possible to avoid asbestos fibers completely. Unfortunately, asbestos remains a ubiquitous part of America. It won't disappear anytime soon. [...]

Asbestos-Related Diseases and Smoking

Asbestos-Related Diseases and Smoking Individually, asbestos exposure and smoking lead to the development of multiple cancers and diseases. Asbestos is closely associated with mesothelioma while smoking is often synonymous with lung cancer. Researchers determined that [...]

Asbestos Cancer

Asbestos Cancer Inhaled asbestos can lodge itself in the body's organs, causing cells to mutate and become cancerous While the term "asbestos cancer” most often refers to mesothelioma, a number of other cancers are associated [...]

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